CrackMe #16

This crackme is created with Visual Basic 5/6 which is prior to the .NET framework. Some programs out there are still written in it. So here’s your opportunity to crack such a program. It is a mod of one of Lena’s VB programs. Note that this crackme is compiled to native format. The p-code format will be covered in another crackme.

There are 2 tasks:

  1. Get rid of the Nag screen which pops-up before the above window shows.
  2. Crack the Regcode.

Download CrackMe#16 (password to unzip:

After unzipping, you will find 2 files:

  1. CrackMe16.exe
  2. Msvbvm50.dll

Double click on CrackMe16.exe to run. The second file: Msvbvm50.dll is a run-time library needed by CrackMe16.exe

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